Monday, June 21, 2010

Trekking - A Trekkie Comes of Age

In my 54th year, in the year of the tiger, (2010) a madness has come upon me. There is no way else to explain this. I want to climb hills, mountains. Go trekking. Into the wilds. Yeah, where the bugs, snakes and tigers roam. Maybe i should do what other 54-year olds do. Become a fat cat. After going up Gunung Datuk, i have found that i am indeed a fat cat. Gunung Datuk took the "hisab" out of me. After reaching the base camp, all i could do was put one foot in front of the other and walk towards the restaurant. Some time later, Sivan pointed out that i looked exhausted and that i was slurring in my speech.

So why do i do it? Actually, i wanted to trek all my life and to introduce it to my children. But there were too many "buts" and this dream assumed a low priority in my list. After my trip to Perth, i decided to dust off the cobwebs from my dream and breathe some new life into it. I was really impressed by the way the mat-sallehs exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle, from the joggers to the backpackers.

So now i have hooked up with Sivan, who is an experienced trekker. And got the children introduced to trekking. Let's see how this plays out.


Kat said...

Do you remember our trek up that hill in Taman Negara? Like you I too was always interested in trekking. WE did a lot of that when we were in the Textbooks Division, especially when we went to Fraser's Hill.
Happy trekking!

akbar khan haneefa said...

Yes I remember. Aeons and aeons ago. When we were young. The whole class of some 30 undergraduates. Good memories.

akbar khan haneefa said...
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